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About Me


The latest hot news of my life...
Curriculum vitae

During different stages of my life I created an amount of biographies. You can look at my current actual CV or review an archive with older curriculum vitaes.
Poet: School & student

Little bit of poetry is never a shame. I produced this jewel of modern poetry when I was only 12 years old. I got a praise from my literature teacher, but I didn't reached any more successes with this work. Poet is in slovak language, but although you will nothing understand, you can always check my rhymes. :-)

A few interesting fotos from my age of 11 till now. They are scaned mainly from identity cards, seasons tickets and so on.
Foto from my work in WebInventia, Ltd. company. I'm curios, if you will guess who from the software developers is me.
Old page

This was my first homepage. I created it in the year 1999. Everybody somelike started with HTML and I was not an exception. It is nothing interesting, but I regret to simply burn it out, so I recognize to integrate it here. Sorry, but it is in slovak language only.
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