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Interests and Sport


I played football for a lot of years, but than came a knee injury with 70 percent chance of remedy. Sorrow, the remaining 30 % became true and after that I devote to much more productive activities, such as sitting behind the computer and so on. :-)
Magic the Gathering

Card game Magic the Gathering is also unique etapy of my life. I was interested in it till my age of 16. My favourite card was Pillage and the most nice picture is in my opinion on card Squandered resources.
Peaks over 8000 metres

A list of all over 8000 metres high peaks. When I was younger I desire a lot for ascent on one them. But as I'm looking on my still "growing" physical condition, I think, that I'm rapidly diverting from this goal.
My favourites are Èho Oju, because the top of this peak looks like a football playground and Dhaulagíri, because while one only came to the foot of this mountain, he must overcome one of the most rough way through virgin forest in whole Himalaya.

I'm studying Informatics on Faculty of mathematics physics and informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. Isn't this my greatest interest? :-)
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