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Programs for DOS / Windows

Here are some of my first finished software things for MS-Dos operating system. I was working on them when I was about 16 years old. All in this category is freely available to download and I especially recommend you games.
Also interesting is my school creation in Delphi and C++ on the MS-Windows platform. I was primary motivated by my school FMFI UK in the first level of study.
Platon.SK & Open Source

I'm actively participating on the Open Source software projects development in the Platon Group framework. We founded it with some of my schoolmates from faculty. We mainly aim at software development for UNIX based platforms and likewise at internet applications creation with particular emphasization on programming code, design and content separation. As a part of our activities, the Platon.SK portal was created. It covers all needed requirements for open source software projects development.
With help of this portal I develop almost all of my open source software projects. However it does not serve only to me, there are also another projects from various authors hosted. For complete imagination just look into our CVS repository, which is freely available and you can browse it also on this page.

I'm part of several another internet communities, which members mutualy cooperate on the open source software development. I participate on development of PEAR modules, phpWeather application and Mantis BT bug tracking system.
A particular project where I cooperate is Atlantis Talker. It was estabilished in the year 1997 and fastly become the most popular talker in the Slovakia. I was an administrator there and I supported this talker with various external activities. Very famous was my Dependenter tables. After problems and conflicts in the 2002 talker was split into two parts and its source codes was released as an open source software.
Than Atlantis Talker officially stops its activity. In one from created copies Talker.SK there was some errors fixed and talker runs further with some modifications. But I do not have an access to the user database, thus tables and statistics are no longer recent...
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