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2005-02-02 23:00
After one year I visited Prague again. For the business trip to the czech Nextra I was delegated with my slovak fellows. We were considering possibilities of production servers migration.

2005-01-25 15:00
With successfully graduated mathematics state exam I finally closed the first three years of my Informatics master degree study on the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. Before the exam I had the weekly learning while I started to write summary document about the Maths. Till the end of study, I have two more state exams and diploma thesis advocacy left.

2005-01-10 10:00
My article with the title What will come after DVD? was published in the foreign column of the Slovak magazine .tyzden. This is my first contribution in this weekly periodical and I believe, that another ones will follow-up early.
(linked pages are in the slovak language)

2004-11-17 20:00
I returned from the three-weeks business trip in the United states of America (USA), where I was invited by Symmetry Software, an american software company located in the Scottsdale city of the Arizona state. Except work on the interesting projects and frequent meetings we had a time during weeked for some "small" trips. With colleague I visited the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas as well.

2004-09-12 15:00
Informatic part of state exam from the shared base of the Informatics study I have succesfully done! Thought I was expecting quite better result than 3 (E) mark, I'm rather satisfied that I pass at least one half of the exam. With mathematics I did not do anything thus I postponed this obligation for the january.

2004-08-17 16:09
I found Geocaching! It looks incredibly interesting.
I delight to supply some GPS receiver and send forth for hunting my first treasure. In season I will certainly create own "geocache", about which I will definitely notify you.

2004-07-30 14:00
I became the owner of personal car Opel Vectra 2.0 DTi 16V.
I believe we will experience a lot of happy kilometres without any problems.

2004-07-01 13:30
Finally I got the keys to my new flat located in the Sala city, which is part of the Nitra's district and 60 km far from the Bratislava, where I had born and lived there up to now. With this I finished my three-months struggle of handling, negotiating and signing various contracts and documents with original landlord, bank, or real estate register. However everything is just beginning, in the nearest time I'm expecting relocation to the mentioned city and flat furnishing...

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