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2005-09-28 16:49
I was at the Embassy of the USA in Bratislava, Slovakia.
I got touristic and business visa for 10 years period. I'm very satisfied! Even in the case, that Mr. Robert Fico will win following slovak parliamentary elections, I see my future considerably better!

2005-08-30 00:00
Today was successfully finished transformation of unofficial group of developers, administrators and various open-source supporters, known as Platon SDG, to the official non-profit organization Platon Group. In the newly-created organization I have a chairman function.

2005-07-13 14:50
I got an active cooperation contract with the Slovak weekly Tyzden. I will lead the Techweek section and so regularly contribute to this magazine. In the column there will be the latest news from the technology, computer, internet domain and scope.

2005-07-01 19:00
Bratislava Community Association of pater Scherz (BKZ) made today an opening of new coffee-bar Scherz KAFE, which is located on the Justicna street in the Bratislava. As the union member I'm responsible for the website and internet marketing.
We're looking forward for your visit!

2005-05-28 18:00
In the last few days I was participant on two football tournaments in my new residence neighbourhood. On the first one in the Nove Zamky we ended at the second place, but the second one in the Galanta we won and we got nice shiny  medals as well.

2005-05-20 14:30
I attended again the course in the Oracle company. This time it was the Database Performance Tuning.
At the end of the learning process I got the certificate as well.

2005-02-24 14:35
President of the United States of America (USA) George W. Bush came to the official visit of the Slovak republic in scope of the Bush–Putin 2005 summit. On the Hviezdoslav square in Bratislava he had a beatiful speech and of course I could not be missing there!
The most effectual man of the world reminded us own history of the battle with totalitarian authority and left us the message of freedom, independence and responsibility. It would be only up to us what we will take from this...

2005-02-12 21:30
This year on the Goodwill cup football tournament our Nextra team did surprise with the participation in the final match, where we lost with fast Porsche and finaly took the second place. During our contest stage we dismissed teams like IBM, Radio Express or ZSE. It is success especially in the comparison with the previous year.

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