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2004-06-27 16:30
With today's last match we closed the season of the Bratislava small football league (BLMF), where I started in the Dinamo team and later I joined the Maccabi crew. Whole season I was rather successful with scoring, with 60 goals I became the second best shooter of the league and so in spite of fact that I missed some matches.

2004-06-01 17:30
I reached the age of 23 and I also finished writting of my own private diary, for which I had decided a year ago. Every day, seven days per week I was describing what happened to me. Sometimes I started to be quite frustrated of this obligation, but now I'm happy that I persist and so I have documented whole 23th year of my life! Everyone, who met with me, will certainly occur there. Unfortunately, concerning to text sensibility, publishing is not possible yet. Try after one year.

2004-05-05 13:20
Since this day is website of my employer Nextra Slovakia build upon my content management system phpMyEzin. This definitely proves, that this smart and flexible system is able to manage also production enterprise needs and requirements. Thus I recognize to start with its commercial application and sale. For this purpose I have already found a new suitable name with .COM domain as well – Metafox.

2004-03-05 14:30
I attended the Programming in the PL/SQL course in the Oracle company.
At the end of the learning process I got the certificate as well.

2004-02-12 22:30
I just returned from the three-days business trip in the Praha. In the Nextra Czech republic I extended my knowledge about the properties and relations of the internal company information system K2 and about the product definitions as well. I learned very much especially about the ANSI Common Lisp programming language.

2004-02-07 21:30
On the Goodwill cup tournament we have a great start with our Nextra team, when we masterfuly won the qualification group with the 5:1, 3:1, 2:0 results and relegated for the semi-quarterfinals, where we suddenly fall out with self goal in the last second. However I was quite successful on the tournament, I scored seven goals.

2003-11-15 22:00
We won the second price in the Open Projekt 2003 contest with our project Platon.SK - open source software development portal. More information about the course of whole event and other participating projects as well, can be found on the following page.

2003-10-19 18:00
I was again elected for the regional chairman of Civic democratic youth's (ODM) club in Bratislava. Report from our regional council you can read on the following page. There is also available fotogalery connected with the same event.
(linked pages are in the slovak language)

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