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2006-03-16 12:20
Sometimes life changes within the picoseconds. It turns to death. This picosecond affects life of many people. Our lifes were changed in the 13rd March 2006, when our lovely schoolmate Sona died. We lost wonderful friend, beatiful, funny, kind and intelligent woman. Sonka, you will stay in our hearths forever!

2006-03-01 09:20
Since this day, SkLUG (Slovak Linux Users Group) uses official Platon Group postal address.
This is a help to our partner, who similarly like us is dealing mostly with open-source software ideas & thoughts propagation.

2006-02-28 12:10
My employer, company Nextra, was bought by telecommunication operator GTS. Also with another acquisitions of firms Telenor Networks and Quadia DCT, a completely new subject GTS Nextra is estabilished. It is currently the biggest alternative operator at the Slovak market. In the created company I will participate at the new complex centralized information system development, which will cover requirements & needs of all united subjects.

2006-02-08 17:30
After failure in June I passed the second try of third state exam from Programming and computer systems. One more state exam is still left plus diploma thesis finalization and than my study could be successfully finished.

2006-02-06 12:00
Today we are officially starting new webhosting service built upon the priciples of active security.
Service will be known and presented under the name Platon Webhosting.

2006-01-17 12:00
We estabilished a company Platon Technologies, Ltd.
My partners are Lubomir HostMichal Palenik.
We will deal mostly with webhosting, internet marketing, custom programming and web application development. Company is registered at the Commercial Register of the District Court Trnava, Section Sro, case no. 17979/T.

2006-01-12 01:15
Next business trip went this time to the Germany. In the small city Eibelstadt we were welcomed by Gastan (with his girlfriend Katka), who is an active user of my phpMyEdit project. This was my very first experience in my life with german culture, by the way, very enjoyable.
Business sessions were with representatives of Arizona-based corporation Brinkster and German-based company arsmedia located in the Nidda. While returning home I probably created the new time record from Frankfurt to Sala in approx. 8 hours.

2005-11-12 10:01
I returned from the United States, where I was on the business trip. You can see that I worked really hard there! :-)
Here are all the photographs I made there. I was visiting (in described order):

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