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2008-04-24 12:44
Our company Platon Technologies, Ltd., which is dealing also with webhosting services, had a short statement regarding to slovak domain and webhosting market in today's issue of Hospodarske Noviny daily.

2007-11-30 23:30
On father's and mine namesday, my sister Susan with her classmates had their prom event. It was such a good celebration with an interesting program. Our family won several prices in the raffle. Brother Martin, who had visited Gymnasium Einsteinova too, met there some of his former teachers.

2007-09-11 14:30
I'm magister!

2007-08-03 13:49
Currently I'm at the business trip in United States. (photoalbum)

2007-06-01 16:19
Today I have my 26th birthday and my ex-classmates from Oktava C at Gymnasium Bilikova 24 prepared me this nice present.
Thank you very much! :-)

2007-03-23 23:30
I just returned from another business trip in Arizona, where I was for two weeks. In spite of short time, I was able to solve several issues, so I consider the journey as a successfull one.
Directly from the airport I came to the high-school annual meeting in the Kafé Scherz, where I brought fresh donuts of Dunkins Donuts which was bought in Phoenix just before my departure. As you can see, after 6,000 miles course they were in great condition and we enjoyed them very much! ;-)

2006-08-21 14:30
I passed also the last fourth university big state exam from Programming theory and programming paradigms. My result mark was 3 (E), so the same one as in all the three previous cases. Till the end of year, I would like to finish writing, commit and sustain my diploma thesis and than should be my study finally finished.

2006-06-18 10:00
In the Slovakia we had a parliamentary elecions, the most important state elections repeated usualy every 4 years. Unfortunatelly, my bad prediction comes to true, Mr. Robert Fico, social democrat & populist, won the elections.
Last years we had right-oriented goverment, which turns Slovakia into one of the fastest growing economic in the Europe. This is now going to change. Probably the right time to slowly leave the Slovakia...

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