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Current weather
Location Bratislava
State Slovakia
Country Europe
Date 2024-07-03
Measurement time 15:00
Temperature 24 °C
Dew-point 15 °C
Wind speed 2.6 m/s
Wind direction west (290°)
Atmospheric pressure 1016 hPa
Relative humidity 57.2 %
Overall visibility 10 km
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Current weather in Bratislava Ivanka, Slovakia Current wind in Bratislava Ivanka, Slovakia Current temperature in Bratislava Ivanka, Slovakia
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2016-03-16 10:01
RecentlyI have attented Zabbix training in south Texas. After the successfull final exams, I have acquired these two certificates:

I will write a blog about this event soon.

2010-08-13 14:36
During holiday activities, we decided to prepare a website for our content management system Metafox CMS. The site is multilingual, so it is also available in Slovak version. Since we are not superstitious, we launched the site on Friday, August 13. The website will be regularly informed of new Metafox installations.

2010-02-13 00:10
My U.S. postal address has changed recently. New address is:
This address is written in shortened form. Full form, including full ZIP, can be found on my contact page. Please direct all further letters and mail postings to this new address. Thank you!

2009-04-05 21:30
In spite of current financial crisis, I have visited Arizona again. I worked there on HA-Cluster project. Even though crisis symptoms can be seen almost everywhere, it is still there the same good as usual. However I have to allege that very hard & difficult times are coming to Slovakia pretty soon...

2008-11-20 20:20
I just returned from two-weeks Asia journey.
The first week I spent in India, mostly in Chandigarh city, where I have been on original four-days long indian wedding. The bride was my friend Sanjana, and her groom was Gourav, both from India.
Next week I visited my friend Milan in China. We were just in Shanghai city, but there was enough time for relax and business as well.

2008-08-30 08:30
We have reached the highest peak in Europe Mont Blanc.
During the day every member of our group reached the top, so we can consider our expedition as a very successfull. Such success can be assigned to good preparation, equipment and our resolution.

2008-08-15 02:31
I have enjoyed a business vacation in Norway. From Sala, Slovakia to Sarpsborg, Norway I travelled with my car through Europe all day long. Beyond customers visiting I had time also for relief, ie. Oslo trip or football training.

2008-07-12 15:30
Almost nine years after the beginning in the 1999 of my attendance of Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava, I had a ceremony graduation, so my university studies were officialy finished. During that time I passed four big state exams (1, 2, 3, 4) and an advocation of my diploma thesis. Study was very demanding, but I'm very happy that I have been able to finish it successfully. You can look at my announcement card (PDF) and a photogallery from the graduation.

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