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Atlantis Talker

On the following dynamic pages are various statistics from the world of Atlantis located.
Atlantis is wonderful community of people meeting together on the talker with same name. Here you have possibility to meet new friends, entertain yourself with interactive games or simply discover various secrets of virtual world. The best way how to convince yourself about this is to visit talker.
Official website of Atlantis talker is located at address Connection to talker is possible directly from website or using telnet to port 7000 of server (telnet://
We look forward for your visit!
Level statistics

Complex statistics of user count of particular levels for every month since August 2001. It also contains lists of users of appropriate levels sorted by reached TTL (total login time).
Dependenters tables

Dependenter tables are in fact counted TTL (total login time) and level differences between particular time periods. With its assistance you can easily get information how long was your monthly stay on the talker, or respectively who let the most time on the talker for appropriate time.
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