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Curriculum Vitae  (2001-05-09)

Holicska 26
851 01 Bratislava
phone: (+421 7) 63 833 808
Ondrej Jombik
Personal information
Date of birth 1. 6. 1981
Birth place Bratislava
Status single, childless
Nationality slovak
Parents Ondrej Jombik (1960), chief of supply formation in ZSE a.s.
Jana Jombikova (1961), chief of KNK v.d. store
Brother & Sister Martin Jombik (1983), student of Gymnasium Eisteinova 13
Zuzana Jombikova (1989), student of ZS Holicska 50
elementary ZS Holicska 50 (1987-1991)
Gymnasium Bilikova 24 (1991-1995)
high school Gymnasium Bilikova 24 (1995-1999)
university Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (since 1999)
currently in 2nd level of Informatics studium
Employment history
Association of Computer Consulting (1997-2000)
  development and administration of extensive application database
software for VUB on Dos/Windows platform
Foreign languages
  English - fluently, active
German - passive
Computer knowledges
  Turbo Pascal, Borland Delphi (BDE, Report Smith)
C/C++, Perl, bash, basis of JDK and SDK
HTML, JavaScript, SSI, PHP, basis of ASP
SQL (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres), QBE (Paradox)
  football active (1990-2000), chess (1996-1997)
rowing and swimming passive
member of slovak moutaineering association JAMES
High school activity
  manifold participant of MO, BO a.e.
Youth activity
  executive secretary of Civic democratic youth (ODM)
expert for informatics and database systems
  Open Source: extended pipelining, meetmail a.e.
  program of European Union "Youth"
technics, information and communication systems, electrotechnics
computer networks, internet technologies, security, Linux
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